Plan for the future

I finally have a PLAN, huzzah! How to go forward with my three pen names:

I’m currently writing a space opera with the aim of it being the first in a decent-sized series that will be a blend of Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate. (Star Trek mainly because I’m fed up of all the grimdark stuff out there and I’ve decided that my future will be more utopian than the present. Also Curiosity is a scout ship, going where no one has gone before.)

That’s under the working title of Curiosity. So, the plan is:

  • Write Curiosity #1
  • Write another Trowchester book
  • Edit Curiosity #1
  • Write another Dancing Detective book.
  • Edit Trowchester #4
  • Write Curiosity #2
  • Edit DD #3
  • Write another Age of Sail book
  • Edit Curiosity #2
  • Edit the AoS book

After which I will stop and see what things look like again. I’ve discovered that the majority of people who read cozy mysteries are over 40, so once I have a DD trilogy, I might start a new series with an older sleuth.

I’m currently writing 3000 words a day, which means that (illness and family crises aside) I can finish a 75K book in a month. But I need to work some time in here for:

  • researching and planning all these books
  • learning how to use Amazon Ads and Facebook Ads in a way that actually makes me money rather than losing it.
  • Oh, and become a cover artist as well…

It’s good to have plans 😉

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