Hello from me!

Let me introduce Alex Oliver. It’s me – the author formerly known as Alex Beecroft. I’m still paying tribute to my mum–who as a girl was known as Olive Beecroft–though the ‘r’  on the end is there to make things sound a little easier.

For those of you who don’t know me in my previous nom-de-plume, I am an author of many genres, all of which are lumped together on my previous site. It’s come to my attention that this just makes everything unweildy for everyone. I know I don’t like to wade through a bunch of romance novels when I’m looking for new SF/F to read, so why should you?

The aim is that this site will be for SF/F, Robyn Beecroft will be for Mystery and Cozy Mystery, and Alex Beecroft will keep all the romance. Bear with me while I get this set up and then hopefully we can be happy together when it all resolves into a newer and better clarity.

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