I am not dead yet. I am, however, still suffering from writer’s block when it comes to writing my own fiction.

I am currently ghostwriting a sci-fi novel, because I’m technically able to put words on paper. But I feel like none of my own ideas are worth writing about. I’m filled with a sense of futility the moment I think of getting on the keyboard to type out anything of my own.

I can’t even write fanfiction. That’s how bad it is.

However, the creative urge is still there, so I’m learning how to podcast, with the intention of distributing my back catalogue in audio format. I know from my own life how nice it is to be able to listen to a book while I’m doing other things.

You can hear my trial run here

It’s a very short fic written from the POV of one of Tolkien’s villainous elves, Eol, whose wife, Aredhel, took their son and fled from him. He followed her and accidentally murdered her while trying to kill the child.

There’s a whole load of stuff about elvish race relations and the histories of their two cultures that you need to know before you can really make sense of it, so perhaps it wasn’t the best fic to start with. But it was short, and it let me figure out how to add music, so that’s something 🙂

I’m thinking maybe Blessed Isle next? I don’t fancy reading anything with smut scenes, and that one is both shortish and family friendly.

Following that, I’ll start on the novels!

Since I’m not going to be charging for it, and I’m not expecting to make money, I’m going to lump all of my writing into the same podcast. People are just going to have to cope with the weird combination of mm romance, SF/F, historical fiction, murder mystery and fan fiction that is my particular blend. Trying to keep them all apart is more than I can manage.

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